Views on Pressure Cooking

Home Cooking

Home cooking the main task for every household and it can easily take away your precious time that can be consumed on other things, such as:

  • Relaxing or de-stressing after a hard day in the office,
  • Small DIY project related to home renovation
  • Changing cutains, bed sheets or furniture placement
  • Spending time with kids or other family members
  • Watching your favorite TV show, etc

There are some several different ways to avoid cooking, such as:

  • Going to a restaurant
  • Home deliver food, or
  • Microwave the food cooked in the morning
  • Pressure cooking

Apart from the pressure cooking, there is no other way to get the fresh home-made recipe in less than normal time. A part from cooking, a pressure cooker is the best pressure canner for home and professional kitchens.

Modern-day pressure cookers can cook any type of recipe without any human assistance. Obviously, you have to put the ingredients and adjust your pressure cooker according to the recipe, but this doesn’t include in the cooking time.

Anyhow, people have differen views regarding this cooking method and this post compares their views with the functions of pressure cookers used these days. So, if you have heard stories of pressure cooker explosions and belive that nothing’s changed, this post will help you remove a lot of misconceptions associated with pressure cookers.

History of Pressure Cooking

Pressure Cooking

The pressure cookers that we use today date back to 17th century when Frehcn physicist, Denin Papin created a huge cast iron pot. It had the fitted lid (main feature of modern-day pressure cookers). He was successful in increasing the boiling point of water by 15%, due to which he was able to cook meat in a very short time. The meat was very tender and had softer bones.

However, the process of increasing the internal pressure was still quite dangerous, and required proper measures. In 1680, the Royal Scoeity acclaimed Papin for introducing a pressure release valve that had reduced the chance of explosions significantly.

Pressure Cooker Explosions

Now that you’ve understood that every pressure cooker consists of pressure release valve, why do explosions take place? Is it because of the material? Or, is it because of the handling? Correct answer is, BOTH! In fact, there are other things to take care of in order to avoid pressure cooker explosions.

The Material

One of the basic reasons for pressure cooker explosion has been the material. Earlier, manufacturers used cast iron material. Slight error in the composition of iron ore resulted in inappropriate cooking pots and lids. Especially, when the base is not think enough to handle the pressure, explosions are bound to take place.

The real problem arose after second world war. Due to the rise in demand for pressure cookers, companies that had been manufacturing war items and were facing shutdowns, switched to manufacturing cookware. They introduced hundreds of thousands of pressure cookers that were not properly calibrated, which eventualy gave birth to those painful stories.

Even today, defective pressure cookers have been sold for cheap prices and people with no prior information still face risk of such explosions. Therefore, it is vitally important to search for branded models launched by reknowned manufacturers.

Today, you can find aluminum material in the market, but the best pressure canner is made from stainless steel. It has a relatively thicker bottom to sustain high level of heat and internal pressure.


Pressure cooker may explode due to improper handling, although, the safety features have reduced the impact of explosion to great extent. Here are some important tips to maintain any kind of pressure cooker.

  • Check whether the lid is properly closed
  • The pressure control should giggle jently
  • The upper handle attached to the lid must be secured on top of the pan handle
  • Don’t apply force to open it, because the lid is locked at high temperature. Applying force may release high pressure steam that can cause steam burns.
  • The rubber gasket must be cleaned properly. It should not be broken or cracked.
  • Store the pressure cooker with lid placed upside down on top of the pan
  • Always read instruction manual before cooking anything

Pressure Cooker Benefits

Pressure Cooker Benefits

Best pressure cooker offers so many benefits that only a cook can imagine. Some of the benefits, according to housewives, professional chefs and cooks are mentioned below:

  1. Pressure cooker saves time and helps fulfill multiple requests at a time.
  2. It offers multiple functions and cooks different food automatically.
  3. Pressue cooker can prepare the food in many ways, such as; browning, steaming, roasting, baking, boiling, stweing, braising etc.
  4. Best pressure cooker is always the best pressure canner You just have to can the ready-made food according to the intructions given in the manual.
  5. If you’re new to cooking, you can use pressure cooking recipes and prepare your favorite recipes any time.
  6. You can take an electric pressure cooker outdoors for picnic, and prepare soups, salad, meat, fish, cakes and more.
  7. Modern pressure cookers have at least 10 safety features to ensure safe cooking.