How to Maintain the Quality of Your Nonstick Cookware?

One of the most annoying problems in the kitchen is the burns and sticky foods remain in your cookware. It’s not only the problem about the food; those spots can ruin your kitchen appliances from the inside. That’s the reason why people are keen on using nonstick cookware. They are covered with nonstick layer so that the food can be cooked without being stuck to the surface. This is an innovation in kitchen cookware manufacturing.

Along with the benefits, there are some new problems with this type of kitchen device, and one of them is the about the ways to maintain the quality of nonstick cookware. After looking for information and suggestions online about best nonstick cookware and how to clean them, we have come up with some ideas that might help you overcome the fear of ruining the nonstick layer out of your kitchen tools.

best nonstick cookware

  1. Heat Adjustments When Using The Nonstick Cookware

Many people think that because the layer is placed at the internal surface of the cookware, the heat of fire can’t bring any harm. However, the truth is another way around. You should avoid using high temperature heat no matter what the source is. There are some common reasons behind this:

  • Cooking over high heat that means you expose your cookware to high temperature for a large amount of time. That means the surface has to work with high tension more than its durability. It can deteriorate the nonstick layer in some certain areas such as the center or the sides if you don’t pay attention.
  • There are many types of nonstick layer used to coat the pan or small tools you are using, and not all of them are friendly to your health. Cooking under high temperature could make them melt and release some unhealthy chemicals. It might pose threats to your digest system as well as your physical condition in case of long – term happening.

So what can I do to prevent this? It’s very simple: Control the heat and the timing. If you are using the gas stove as your main source of heat, you can easily adjust the fire so that the heat is not too much. You can check the food after being cooked. If the smell and the taste have something weird, you should pay attention to the cookware and the coating layer. In addition, if there are something strange happen to the pans or the pot, immediately shut the heat down and look for some replacements before bringing the kitchen appliance to the warranty service.

  1. Nonstick Cooking Spray?

Nonstick pots and pans

Many people told me that we can rely on the benefits of something called nonstick cooking spray. I dug deeper into this type of spray and finally had some information about it. Nonstick cooking spray is some kinds of combination of oil and chemicals that you use to temporary coat your pan surface so that the food won’t be stuck when cooked.

At first sight, I also think that this is quite a good solution because of its convenience and compact. You can apply it to any kinds of cooking tools. However, after several times of using this kind of spray, I came to a realization that this is one of the most things that you have to avoid if you don’t want your cookware to be worn off quickly.

Basically, the nonstick pan doesn’t need any additional sprays. It can’t be burnt off completely so it would stack up continuously over the coating layer of the cookware, especially around the sides where the heat is weakest. The grease you have to clean up will be much more than you can imagine and if sometimes you might do some damages to the cookware while cleaning the grease out of the sides.

So what can I do to prevent that? Quit using the nonstick cooking spray. You pans and pots are already coated with firm and thick layer of nonstick chemical so you don’t have to add any amount of nonstick oil into it. On the other hand, whole fats such as butter or regular oil are the better choices because the can be burnt off completely after cooking.

These are the first 2 reasons for some damages to your nonstick cookware and the simplest solutions. You can find out more in our articles about nonstick kitchen appliances. The innovation of kitchen tools brings us so many advantages in cooking and cleaning, but you still have many things to do to remain them at the best condition. Have fun cooking!