What Would You Choose: Toaster Oven Or Microwave?

As the modern technologies develop day by day, the kitchen appliances are designed better in both appearance and operation. It provides us the convenience by shortening the time and saving efforts used for cooking. Needlessly to say, the microwave oven and the toaster oven are the most important equipment that any family kitchen needs. However, do you know exactly the differences between them?

Toaster oven vs. Microwave

To answer this question, we have looked for the reviews about top rated toasted oven as well as microwave to see whether we can find some clues or not. Actually, the choice of the customer base on their requirements and the financial condition, but it would be better to have a closer look at these two appliances and see about their capabilities.

Comparing Aspects

Obviously, the functions of these appliances have some similarity but they are not the same. At least we can find out some features about them as demonstrated. Let’s find out about the pros and cons of the toaster oven in comparison with the microwave oven.

  • The first thing I want to mention is the ability of toasting and browning. Apparently, a toaster oven can toast! But the microwave can’t because it can’t produce enough temperature in a certain amount of time to create the same effect as its opponent.
  • The second aspect is about how they cook potatoes. No wonder that both of them can cook potatoes neat and clean.
  • Move on to the third feature is the crisping. As a toaster, the toaster oven can do this perfectly while microwave is unable to do so. It’s all about the heat and the timing. So does heating food like bread? The answer is yes.
  • About convection cooking, the toaster oven overwhelms its opponent one more time. In some designs, the convection fan is installed to make sure that the heat is moved around and evenly inside the oven and make the food cooked well with less heat and in shorter amount of time. If you are looking for a high quality convection toaster oven for your kitchen, you can read the guide at https://www.messmakesfood.com/best-toaster-oven-reviews/.
  • There is a weakness of the toaster oven: the size. It can’t cook the food which is over its size. On the other hand, with the average volume up to 40 liters inside, the microwave oven can cook a whole chicken or a loaf of meat easily.
  • Last but not least are the facts about energy consumption. According to the temperature reach within a certain amount of time, the toaster oven can’t be listed as an energy efficient kitchen appliance. On the contrary, the microwave does it great and consumes much less electricity in its cooking process.

In general, these two appliances are quite small in size and can be placed at the counter top of your kitchen. They can provide the same capacity about reheating meals or cooking methods. However, the best way for you is to choose one out of them because your kitchen can’t handle them together and it’s also such a waste of money to buy 2 kinds of machine with almost same functions.

Other Things to Put Into Estimation

  • Cleaning and maintenance: The microwave is quite heavy with many parts inside so that each time cleaning it is like a burden to the housewife. Moving it from one place to another is very hard. In addition, the burns inside it is quite difficult to wash off, on the other way around, the toaster oven is designed with smaller size. Smaller means lighter and fewer parts inside. The toaster takes up small footprints in the kitchen and it’s another positive aspect it brings to your kitchen.
  • The food quality: Honestly, the microwave can offer you many types of food and cooking methods, however, the food are likely to be drained out of water inside while being cooked in the microwave. That’s the reason why microwave is not preferred to toast or doing anything with too high temperature. The toaster oven is somewhat different. While the microwave drains the grease out of the meat and making it awful, using toaster oven, especially convection oven can change everything. The food would be more juice and also the taste – not too dry anymore.

So you might know how to distinguish these two kitchen appliances and how they can make your life better with the help of foods and drinks. Happy cooking and don’t forget to buy an electrical toaster oven for more experience.