Necessary Steps to Restore A Record Player

Listening to music on a record player has become very traditional with many people. However, this type of device also creates a great impression for many listeners including the elderly and the younger generation. To meet the demand and create the good conditions for everyone who want to listen to music with a turntable, the manufacturers produces many kinds of the record players with a lot of models, sizes, colors, and prices. Even, the manufacturers also sell many turntables with the good price in the special occasions of the company. Of course, you can buy a record player for sale at this time. Especially, its quality is very good but its price is often reduced about 30 – 50% compared with the original price.

How to restore a record player

In addition, it is also important to use the record player properly. This will help extend your turntable life. Therefore, you do not forget to use it in the right way as well as restore all inside electronics. All of them will contribute for your record player to play in the good condition. I am sure that you also have the experience to use properly. So do you know how to restore it yet? I will help you through some necessary steps in this article.

Step 1: Cleaning The Inside Electronics Regularly

If you have a habit to clean all vinyl records after and before playing them it is very good. Also, you also clean the outer parts of your record player. This is encouraged by the manufacturers. However, they are not enough to help your turntable in the best condition. It means that you must regularly clean the inside electronics. To do it, you must really be careful to avoid damaging some sensitive parts in a turntable. Please refer these following tips:

  • Firstly, you must buy the right kind of cleaning solution for the record player;
  • Then, you pour a little cleaning solution onto the soft towel. And you must make sure that this towel is always clean;
  • Next, you scrub gently the outer side and the bottom of your turntable;
  • After that, you should rinse this towel with warm water and repeat this job until you feel all dirt and dust are cleared off;
  • Finally, you start to clean the inside electronics for your record player like the steps above.

Step 2: Cleaning The Tonearm, Spindle, And Some Button for The Record Player


Preparing to clean the spindle for a turntable

It is better to change another towel when you clean the other parts.

  • You also pour a light amount of the cleaning solution onto the small towel;
  • Beyond that, you will begin to clean the tonearm of the record player. You try to clean lightly to avoid damage the tiny equipment on the tonearm;
  • Continuously, you also rinse this towel with warm water before you clean the spindle and the operation buttons;
  • Besides, depending on the situation of your record player, you can clean until these parts become very clean. However, you should note that you just clean without pressing because any pressure can break or bend some sensitive parts.

Step 3: Checking The Power, Rust or Any Corrosion

You sometimes do not note to the power, rust or any corrosion. That is the reason during playing your record player stop suddenly. Therefore, you can look at the instruction book to know all connections of the power cord. On the other hands, you also check the small screwdrivers to tighten all screws again.

Step 4: Replacing The Power Supply in The Necessary Conditions

You should not wait for the power supply to damage or burn and then you will replace because its case can be more dangerous or affect other parts. It is better to check carefully and replace timely. After using in a long time, most of the soldering iron will heat up. That is a time when you should replace a new power supply. Look at the replacement the power supply with the tips as follows:

  • You must remove the old power supply;
  • Then, you place a bit of solder over the connections;
  • Next, you touch tightly the iron to the solder until you see the power supply is surely attached;
  • After that, you also check all inside of the player for loose and damaged wires. All of them should replace new if you think they are necessary;
  • Finally, you add the tiny bit of solder for reconnecting.

In summary, many people are also very careful for restoring the record player. Thus, they also bring it to go to the turntable shop. It is a good idea if this shop is near your house. With the far distance, you maybe become so lazy to do it frequently. I think you can restore a record player at home. Before you do not know how to restore a turntable, now you have some basic steps after reading this writing. I hope that you will feel that it is also simple when you do step by step as what I just share.

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Some Cooking Modes of Electric Pressure Cooker

Many electric pressure cooker reviews said that they really like to cook with this pot because there are a lot of cooking modes. It is very convenient in our life. Especially, you will have a lot of time to relax after a hard working day. In addition, you can try to cook many different dishes for your family such as cook rice, cook meat, stew bone, cook porridge, cook beans/ tendon, and baking….

Some cooking modes of an electric pressure cooker

In general, an electric pressure cooker is considered one of the kitchen utensils which many housewives become more confident when they cook food. To know more information about the cooking modes of an electric pressure cooker, please refer to some things in this article. I believe you will be more surprised with the great functions of the electric pressure cooker.

  1. Cook Rice

Here are some typical benefits when we cook rice by the pressure cooker:

  • Cook rice in a pressure cooker will save your considerable time.
  • Moreover, your rice is also extremely delicious and soft.
  • Also, the inner pot of a pressure cooker is made from the aluminum or stainless steel which they are coated the nonstick layer very well. Therefore, the cooked rice will not stick into the bottom of the pot.
  • Besides, it is used very simple. You just set the cooking mode (RICE) or install the cooking time. At this time, the pressure cooker can work automatically. Normally, the cooking time is about 30-40 minutes.
  • Especially, you have to note the suitable amount of water to ensure rice be more delicious. This is very important because it decides the delicious rice or not.
  1. Cook Porridge

You can use the pressure cooker to cook porridge. In this case, it only takes you a short time, maybe 40 to 50 minutes. This also depends on the pot.

When cooking porridge, you often cook about 2/3 the size of pot because porridge is easy to overflow outside.

  1. Baking

There is a special thing that we can use the pressure cooker to make the cake. It means the pressure cooker can replace a bulky oven. You will have the delicious cakes with this multi-function pressure cooker.

Let’s see the differences between the rice cooker and the pressure cooker during baking:

  • For The Rice Cooker

When using the rice cooker to make the cake, you will take the time to control and press the button the several times because this pot is not enough heat.

In addition, you must use the towels to cover to reduce water falling into the cake.

  • For The Pressure Cooker

Making the cake with the pressure cooker will make you feel more comfortable than the ordinary rice cooker. In fact, this pot has the automatic function of the bakery (CAKE). You will spend 45 minutes and you will enjoy the delicious cakes.

  1. Stew Bone

In daily meals, you often take a lot of time to stew because the water of stew bone is very good taste. You can do it very quickly and save the electricity with the pressure cooker. It is a great thing which most of the housewives often apply in the cooking process.

  1. Cook Meat

When cooking some types of meat as meat, chicken, beef in the pressure cooker, you do not need to add more water. With the high pressure, the pot will use the water ingredients in meat to cook the food. This will retain nutrients effectively.

  1. Cook Beans / Tendon

 cook beans

  • The pressure cooker will also help you cook beans faster than another pot. Your beans will be soft within 60 to 70 minutes.
  • Moreover, the nutritional value, as well as the flavor, still retain because it does not cook for a long time at the high temperature on fire.
  • Besides, the tendon is a difficult dish which the ordinary pot must cook too long. However, using the pressure cooker, you will have the delicious dish and the tendon is stewed very soft.

In summary, here are 6 cooking modes in an electric pressure cooker. This will help you have many different choices. Many people think that they will spend a lot of money to own one. Actually, this electric pressure cooker has a lot of models, types, sizes, and prices. You can choose the most appropriate electric pressure cooker for your needs. I am sure that your cooking skill will become better and your dishes will be richer thanks to the electric pressure cooker.

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