Let’s Try Cooking with Dutch Ovens

Dutch Oven Cooking

Cooking is a process. Every cook not only needs to have cooking skills but also has to equip the best rice cooker for themselves. The Dutch oven is necessary, isn’t it?

Let’s Try Cooking with Dutch Ovens

Your cooking kit will become shortcoming if it does not have the Dutch oven. Nowadays, on the market, there are countless selections for you. The important object is what is the best.

  • Choosing an oven

Dutch Ovens

The first, you need to know what the Dutch oven. Simply, it is a round pot that is utilized to cook. This type of pots also uses the heat so as to cook the food. In particular, you can utilize in your kitchen or camping. Therefore, it is divided into two kinds. With models in the kitchen, they are designed with a thinner metal. The bottom is flat, so you can place at home. The design of the camp model is thicker, and heavier; even, it still has legs. Consequently, you can lift an oven off the ground and put coal below.

With the camping version, it is made from two main metals that are iron and aluminum. Due to light weight (from 7 to 10 lbs), so you can easily maintain an aluminum oven. It especially suits for canoeing activities. However, the aluminum material does not keep the heat well. Therefore, the taste does not really perfect. If your family often goes camping, an iron oven is the best choice. It has a heavier weight (from 15 to 20 lbs). In addition, it keeps the heat better.

According to these above information, you have known the material of Dutch ovens. At present, you need to consider the size of ovens. You can select ovens with the deep height or the standard height. Generally, the standard oven quickly heats in comparison with the deep oven. Besides, the diameter of ovens is also different. Of course, large ovens will contain plenty of food. For beginners, you ought to use an oven about 14 inches.

On the other hand, for the Dutch oven, it also needs to have additional features. For example, the lid has a lip that helps hold coals on the top. Like that, the food can be heated from above.

  • The use

The first, you should read the manual from your Dutch oven in order to prepare for utilizing. If it was the period of time, you would not need to do this.

If you have recently purchased a new oven, you should wash it. This one is necessary. To keep the Dutch oven without rusting, it is painted a protective layer. With old ovens, you need to remove the rust, if any. Then, using warm water washes again. Let’s remember that only use ovens when hands dry.

Before heating your Dutch oven to 350º, you need to clean it. You ought to put it in the kitchen and wait when the drain.

At the moment, you use an oil layer. You can utilize vegetable oil or olive oil. You must entirely rinse your oven with oil. Next to, you take one hour so as to heat it. Putting the Dutch oven upright, but the lid is ajar so that the air is able to circulate. Now, you start removing your oven and waiting for cooling. When you recognize that the Dutch oven is warm, you cover an oil layer again; then, you also place it in a stove for one hour (350º). Similarly, you also remove and wait for cooling; then, you cover an oil layer. So far, your Dutch oven can use for your camp trip.

  • The heat

This type of ovens uses coals. The first step, you need to choose an area in order to set up your Dutch oven. You are able to utilize a fire pit. To be easy to clean, you can use a pan. Let’s place your pan in a good position. At that time, you can start using coal. The smell of coal is not good for health, so you can avoid a moment until the coal is ready. You pour them into your pan and put one side. In addition, you ought to remember that the food needs to be put in the Dutch oven before beginning to cook. Don’t place the food in the hot oven. Let’s remember that!

With the Dutch oven, it needs both below and above heat so as to bake. In an oven with 14 inches, you can put 11 briquettes on the bottom and 17 on the above. Like that, it can meet the heat with 325º. To reach 350º, you need to supplement a little briquette. Each 15 minutes, you should also rotate both your oven and the lid at the same time about a quarter. You also need to equip gloves to ensure the safety.

In brief, the Dutch oven is also the best rice cooker that you can believe in using. Through the above information, you have essential knowledge about ovens for your next campaign. Good luck!

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