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June 27, 2013
After nearly 30 years of providing housing and housing support services to people living with HIV and AIDS in the 23 County area of Central Georgia, which includes Macon, Warner Robins, Dublin, and Eastman. Central City AIDS Network, Inc. (CCAN) announces the closure of most service programs for people living with HIV and AIDS. Some of these programs include Tenant Base Rental Assistance (TBRA), Shelter Plus Care (SPC), Short-Term Rent, Mortgage, and Utility (STRMU), Permanent Housing Placement (PHP) and Transitional Housing Program. The administration of CCAN inadvertently missed a Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) paper work deadline to file required organizational paper work. Even though DCA had the bulk of the paperwork already on file from previous filings, CCAN missed the deadline for a complete submission.
In the past grantees where given the opportunity to make up these discrepancies in a timely manner. This year DCA made the decision that no extensions would be allowed, CCAN continued the grant making process and delivered a completed copy of the actual grant request by the grant deadline. The grant application was returned to CCAN stating the grant request would not be honored. This caused CCAN to loose over $600,000.00 or more than 90% of CCAN funding for housing and housing supportive services for people with HIV and AIDS in Central Georgia.
This closing will affect over 300 consumers, which includes at approximately 50 families currently receiving some type of housing assistance to support their medical care, transportation as well as disrupt any stability they have in their lives. Some of the services affected by the loss of these funds are case management, transportation, food and nutrition services, as well as substance abuse services which include NA and CA meetings. Also affected by this closure are our employees, who stand to lose their jobs.
DCA invited River Edge to apply for Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA) Funding; however, their program will be geared to serve Baldwin and Bibb Counties, leaving 21 other counties without services and will mostly focus on Transitional Housing. CCAN should be eligible to apply for funding next year, which we have full intentions on doing so.
We will be contacting other funding agencies and companies in the area for funding to continue operating the Diversity House, thought it may be in a scaled down services. We have requested housing vouchers in an attempt to secure housing for our clients, but have not received approval as of today.
Anyone interested in donating to our organization they can visit our website at rainbowcenter.us and click the Paypal donate button or they may go to our donation page at Georgia Give website all donations tax deductible. They may also send donations to payable to CCAN at PO BOX 2007 Macon GA 31203-2007.
Questions and concerns should be addressed to Michael Leon, Executive Director via email (michael@rainbowcenter.us) or telephone 478-750-8080 you may also contact us via our website contact page.

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